Sound Healing


Sound brings us to our natural frequency – Our “Home Note” or FLOW STATE. 

Since everything naturally vibrates to its own innate resonant frequency, you can use sound to come into a higher state of consciousness with greater access to information for how to live more fully, with less stress and more bliss.

STATE OF BEING = “Frequency”

Sound Healing & Self-regulation.

Self-Regulation is being able to switch from one state to another — Most Yogis excel at this task; some can alter their heart beat, production of body heat as well as sweat production!  Sound healing dates back to the age of the ancient Greeks and was used to treat various health ailments, including indigestion, mental disturbance, and insomnia.

In sound therapy, rhythms and frequencies are used to entrain our brainwaves in order to synchronize our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a pattern or STABLE FREQUENCY to which we can ATTUNE.

  • Beta state (13-30 Hz)  normal waking consciousness, complex problem-solving & concentration.
  • Alpha state (8-13 Hz) feeling of relaxation & concentration
  • Theta Brain Wave (5-7 Hz) REM, release of muscular spasms/energetic blockages
  • Delta state (0.5-4 Hz) extremely low vibrations associated with deep sleep/unconscious states

By driving the brain toward these different states, it’s possible to improve sleep, combat anxiety, sharpen focus, improve blood flood & bone health, clear fear/addiction, and even explode cancer cells!

*High alpha does a few different things for you: Eases anxiousness, lowers your feeling of low mood, boosts creativity, increases pain tolerance, boosts resilience to stress.