What Is Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)?

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises [TRE] is a simple tool that can help provide the foundation or map to guide us back to rediscovering simple joy and hope within ourselves and humanity. As we take part in this practice in a group setting, we are invited into a shared experience, one that re-orients us back . . . to love, balance and peace in the midst of what often appears to be a fractured, violent world.

This safe, gentle, self-care tool offers an opportunity for balance, a sense of wholeness and kindness, and learning what we once knew instinctively as children – how to playfully self-regulate naturally.

As we learn how to turn our focus inwardly, towards exploring the self, we cultivate an awareness for bringing ourselves back to the present moment, to our direct experience – to notice the pull of outward energy that drags us into the past or pulls us into the future.

When we have the urge to disconnect from the reality of the present moment, TRE can help us pause and connect to our feelings as we feel them, without attaching a story or a narrative to that feeling – witnessing feelings as they arise as opposed to identifying with them (e.g., “I am angry” vs. “I am an angry person) allows life force energy to flow in a forward-enhancing manner so we can release or let go of what’s been keeping us stuck. As we keep coming back to the body, we can learn to stay with whatever sensations arise, so that we may soften inwardly as opposed to looking outside ourselves for nourishment and grounding.

Self-regulation is tool of negotiation for re-orientation, helping us balance the energies that draw us inward and the ones that take us outward. As we gain mastery, we recognize what energy is our own versus what energy belongs to another. In doing so, we create space – space to make decisions, to see problems as opportunities for choice, to accept things and people, especially ourselves, just the way they are. With acceptance, we can grow up, to be authentic, to go forward with being okay with not being okay – to live gracefully with uncertainty. When we’re able to be it and not just think it, all relationships get better.

To let what happens happen is what TRE practice is all about. With consistency and willingness to just let go, you get results. It’s in giving up control and the need to be goal-focused that you may reacquaint with child-like curiosity and wonder, to rediscover the joy and magic in the mystery of life – for re-focusing, for seeing the sacred in everyday experience, for bringing you back to living – fully alive.

TRE will help you to slow down, to remember your interconnectedness to the Mystery, to each other, and to all things in our world. TRE is an effective way to know, first-handedly, wholeness and peace – to feel the gift of it, in your own heart so that you can speak and act from that place.

Everything lies within you to HEALTHY SELF.

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